Hip Hop

Weekend Kickoff: Hip Hop Shorty Mix

Putting a little bounce into your step this weekend, I thought I would trek backwards a little to some of that 90’s hip hop stylin’s of Maze, P. Diddy, Ja Rule, and the like! This short mix is going to be a preview of a much longer playlist of the same style coming out before the summer. Listen on Spotify (app) Listen on Spotify (web) Full Clip – Gang Starr Keep Your Worries – Feat.… Read More »Weekend Kickoff: Hip Hop Shorty Mix

Ashlie’s Bachelorette Party Mixes

Honoring a request from a close friend Jenny, these two playlists came together for her close friend Ashlie’s Bachelorette Party. 90’s hip hop on the way to the clubs, and dance music to bring the night to an end on the way home. You might find some hints of Beyonce and Jay-Z too sticking with the party theme. What a cool party limo too! Congrats Ashlie! Listen to Party Mix 1 on Spotify Listen to… Read More »Ashlie’s Bachelorette Party Mixes