music experienced together

my passion for music started at a young age, listening to records from michael jackson, billy ocean, kiss, ac/dc, mozart, and many, many more. with the advent of the cassette, the mixtape was born. as kids we used to spend hours recording songs off the radio, eliminating commercials, and stringing together a linear collection of songs to entertain friends, family, and significant others. we even pretended we were radio dj’s; learning backtiming, cueing up songs, interweaving interviews and transiting into the next song. for many this continued into making mix CDs, mp3 distributed on CD and usb sticks, and eventually into the modern era of spotify and youtube.

i’ve been privileged to have a willful audience who appreciates the time spent in creating a playlist; and honors me with requests to make more. i explore many genres of music, new and old, and in many frames of mind. music is such an engaging energy and i’m glad that i can share my take on it with you.

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