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The Challenge: Hello (Reggae Cover)

One of my closest friends approached me with a Challenge! “I going to give you one song that I have been playing over and over and I want you to make a playlist based off of it! The reggae cover of Adele’s Hello by Conkarah. But to add another twist, you only have three weeks to put it together! Good luck!” -Sean

Conkarah, a reggae artist from Jamaica, broke it big when he and his 14-year old sister, Rosie Delmah, gave the song an island twist (more). Together they would go on to rack in over 86M views on YouTube.

So the stage was set – create a playlist based on this song!

The hardest part about this was which way to approach it! I started off creating a mix of covers and popular reggae songs. Yet as I was compiling some fresh tracks (some of them saved for another day), something didn’t feel right. They didn’t seem to flow well together. There is something special about cover songs on their own. They carry their own special twist of a recognizable song; and sometimes they sound so different from the mainstream songs adjacent to them.

Once I realized that cover songs was the way to go, the Challenge seemed to have an end! Now how do I get there!?

The first hour was the toughest. Going back and forth and finally finding a good solid hour of covers took a few days. It wasn’t just getting a good cover, it had to also match the flow of the songs around it. I sat on that hour playlist for a couple weeks. Letting it sink in and find its home. And finally, two days before the deadline, the last hour came quickly.

Within a few hours, the playlist was completed and ready for the road test. Actually, I had gone well over my two hour self-imposed limit! Running around 2hrs 15mins, I had to make some cuts. But after a couple whirls around the block, it was obvious which ones needed to go.

Hope you all enjoy and thanks buddy for the Challenge! I am looking forward to the next one!

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Hello (Reggae Cover) – Conkarah, Rosie Delmah
Ho Hey – Album Mix – Sublime Reggae Kings
Somebody That I Used to Know – Freedom Dub, Angie
Pumped up Kicks – Dual Sessions, Monsoon
Paradise – Urban Love, Rolla
Take My Breath Away – Sublime Reggae Kings
Memories – Groove Da Praia
Safe and Sound – Vintage Reggae Soundsystem
Locked out of Heaven – General Soundbwoy
Human – Album Mix – Sublime Reggae Kings
Sorry – Vintage Reggae Soundsystem
Shape of You – Sublime Reggae Kings
Wish You Were Here – Alpha Blondy
Take on Me – General Soundbwoy
Sexual Healing – Kharuso
Easy – Stanryck
I Wanna Know What Love Is – One Third
Waiting on the World to Change (feat. Selena Serrano) – Taddy P, Selena Serrano
Set Fire to the Rain – Lila Liu, Stereo Dub
Every Breath You Take – Vintage Reggae Soundsystem
Havana – Reggae Cover – Conkarah, LUT
Love Yourself (Reggae Cover) – Jahboy
Take Five – King Tubby
Knocking On Heavens Door – Ed Robinson
Hard To Handle – Toots Hibbert
Karma Police – Easy Star All-Stars, Citizen Cope
Johnny B Goode (2002 Remastered Version) – Peter Tosh, John Benitez
Wild World – Maxi Priest
Hotel California – Majek Fashek
Seven Nation Army (Grant Phabao Remix) – Alice Russell, Grant Phabao
Stolen Dance – Dual Sessions
I Need a Girl Pt.1 – JB, Patrick Anthony